Automotive Pitfalls

When it comes to our cars, one word comes to mind above all else: “Freedom.” And, that’s understandable. Getting your driver’s license and your first car is like a baby bird learning to fly. It’s a paradigm shift. In one moment, you’re beholden to the will of others, and the next, you’re unleashed, free to go and do wherever and whatever you please. Cars are also a necessity in modern life, however, adding another layer of importance to them. This can make the feeling of freedom even more so, and it can hurt all the more to live without. However, car ownership isn’t without its drawbacks, and it’s important to remain somewhat objective when making decisions. This is all the more important given the the importance of having a set of wheels at your disposal, and the changing landscape of the automotive industry keeps us on our toes, as well. Here are the pitfalls you need to look out for in regards to your car.

First and foremost, you’re going to want to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. The importance of having a car really can’t be overstated, but the universe is a cold and unfeeling entity that can and will take that freedom away from you from time to time. There are a number of ways you can have that autonomy stripped from you. However, there are a number of steps you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen or, at least, not as often or to as extreme an extent. For starters, you’ll want to get regular checkups with your local mechanic to make sure everything is in tip top shape or get it repaired. You don’t want your car to suddenly and unexpectedly break down on you, leaving you stranded, so this is a must. Another thing to keep in mind is to study up on how to maintain your car yourself, at least in part, and to keep the necessary tools and a spare tire in your car at all times in case the unthinkable happens.

Another thing to keep in mind is the emergence of the smart car.To be clear, I don’t mean self driving cars. Those, too, are on the rise, but they seem so far to present little to no problem. However, smart cars, those with extensive computerization and internet connectivity, propose a few unique problems. For example, there have already been reports of hackers besting these cars, and so we need to be one guard for this sort of thing and practice mindful cyber security, even in our crs. Likewise, there’s little to nothing stopping computer viruses from raving these smart cars, and one can only hope that smart cars have Norton Antivirus installed from the word go for the most protection possible.

Auto Body and Paint Tools – Cut off Discs, Cut off Wheels and Grinders

Cut off wheels are a great add on to your auto body tool collection, especially if you’re getting into body kit fabrication, custom work and all around fun in the home garage or shop.

What I really have in the video above is a angel grinder converted into a cut off wheel (which is easy to do). All you need to do is change the adapter so you can add your cut off discs on. I purposely took the guard off so I can get a better view on what I am cutting.

Wear your safety goggles when using these tools!

You don’t want to risk your eye’s. When it comes to cutting fiber glass and metal and it get’s in your eye, forget about it. Happend a few times to me and let me tell you, that shit hurts.

You see the other tool I have in the video is a basic stone grinder, great for flattening out hack weld jobs (other peoples mess) and so on. They are powerful machines. No lose clothing when using this machine. I know a guy who ripped is stomach open wide because of that. Boy did his scar look gruesome.

I got a question from a VIP subscriber the other day and thought it would make a great video (hence, why I made this talking about disc types and sizes.

His question was Tony, what grit disc to I need to cut and modify my bodykit?

Basically when buying discs for cut off wheels, they’re not like buying sand paper. When buying sand paper you really have a few choices. Wet and dry, sticky, velcro, and plain sheets.

You can get these tools from AMAZON or local swap meets pretty darn cheap and they excellent additions to any hobby shop or business.

Why You Should Consider Choosing a Diesel Engine Vehicle

While choosing what vehicle to buy, you may opt to buy one that with diesel engine. Unlike in the old days when they were considered to be for very powerful machines, the diesel engines are coming into use these days and some motorist will opt for them than the petrol engine.

With the current technology, the shortcomings of the noisy, smelly old diesel engine have been reduced and it has become more users friendly. Like in the gasoline powered cars and SUVs, diesel powered vehicles are fully equipped with modern safety features like safety locks, front-seat side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags and stability.

Diesel engines used to be considered as best suited for crude manual transmissions; they have now been modernized to be used for the normal street car. The transmissions have also been automated and have greater speed and improved fuel efficiency without losing the convenience of an automatic touch.

The larger vehicles with a larger passenger capacity like the SUV work best with the diesel engine since they are heavier. The devices are better suited for heavy tasks than the petrol engines.

The diesel engine burns less fuel than petrol engine while performing the same task, due to the engines higher temperature of combustion and greater expansion ratio. They have low voltage electrical ignition system, resulting in high reliability and easily adaptable to damp environments. The life of these engines is about twice as long as that of the petrol engine due to the enhanced strengths of the parts used. The diesel fuel has better lubrication properties than petrol which contribute to the good state of the engine.

Diesel is also considered safer than petrol. While petrol will create flammable vapor in the open and easily explode, diesel fuel will only burn in the open air using a wick and does not explode. Having this engine is therefore safer for your vehicle; it’s less likely to explode in case it’s involved in an accident.

The diesel fuel engines generate less heat in cooling and exhaust. The content of the carbon monoxide in the exhaust fumes is minimal, reducing carbon monoxide poisoning chances to the motorist and the other people who may inhale. Since the diesel engine combustion is higher, there are more exhaust fumes coming out of the exhaust. In magnaflow you will get the best exhaust systems for your vehicle that will enhance the emission of the exhaust fumes form the engine and hence improved performance.

There are suppliers like magnaflow who specialize with diesel exhaust systems for vehicles like the Dodge, Chevrolet and the Ford. Getting these engines is not only safe but gets the best performance from your vehicle.

Paintless Dent Repair Cost is The Most Effective Solution There is

When you are faced with a ding or a dent on your car because of some reasons, you just have two options to bank upon, either traditional body paint and repair or the paintless dent repair. Choosing the latter is a wise move so keep reading to know the best auto body repair shop locator and how to get the best paintless dent repair cost for your car.

Aforementioned methods have their own set of advantages and disadvantages but when you note the similarities and differences between them, paintless dent repairing will definitely be the better choice. For starters, the paintless dent repair cost is way lower than the cost of normal body painting for dent repairing. So the best thing to do when you are faced with a dent or a ding is to find an auto body repair shop locator to fix the dent or ding.

Another major advantage for paintless dent removal is the quality of it, beside the paintless dent repair cost; the quality is also very high, as the car will be able to look as good as new, there will be no indication of the dent what so ever. The fact that paintless dent repair doesn’t use any kind of paint, so the car’s outer paint will not be touched, thus there is no worries of having different kinds or colours of paints on the outer body of the car, thus it will look the same as it always looked. The paintless dent repair uses special tools and techniques in order to remove the dent or ding without hurting the body or using any kind of paint, on the other hand the traditional body shop will sand the damaged area, then the body shop will apply paint to the area, and no matter how much it tries to match the new paint with the original paint, it will never look the same. So far, the paintless dent repair cost is lower, and the quality is higher, so look for an auto body repair shop locator if you haven’t started already.

Another benefit is the time, which is a very important factor these days. For example, you are going to work, someone dents your car, instead of going through the hardship of re painting it, and waiting for the area to be sanded before it can be repainted, then you will wait for the paint to dry, it’s a long process. But paintless dent repair doesn’t need that much time, as it doesn’t sand or re-paint, this is why it is the most convenient choice for the busy life we lead today.

This method was invented by Mercedes, as they always had problems with the transportation of their car from Germany to the U.S because of the dents and dings, so they invented this method to repair their cars. All of this would urge you to find an auto body repair shop locator as fast as you can.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Auto Glass Company

If you have broken auto glass, repair or replacement of the glass are your only options. Of course, some people try to get by with plastic over their windows, but this is not only a nuisance, it can be downright dangerous. Additionally, if you have a broken windshield, being able to see clearly is a necessity and covering your windshield with anything other than approved auto safety glass is both illegal and dangerous.

When it comes to windshields replacement, it is important to choose a glass company that has the experience to ensure that the windshield is installed properly. Many people do not realize the importance that a windshield plays in a car’s overall safety design. The windshield is often an integral part of the safety system of your vehicle and ensuring that it is installed correctly and that the proper amount of time has passed before the vehicle is put back on the road is crucial.

With so many auto glass companies advertising their speedy on-site service, it can be misleading for consumers; however, just because a company has come out and replaced your vehicle’s windshield does not mean that it is ready to be taken out for a drive. The length of time you will need to wait before driving your vehicle will depend on the type of adhesive that was used. Typical time frames range from 3 hours to 24 hours before your vehicle will be considered safe to drive.

If you have your windshield replaced, be sure to ask the glass company providing the service when your vehicle will be safe to drive. Other important factors to keep in mind include the fact that the humidity and temperature can affect the amount of time needed for the adhesive to cure properly. It is also generally recommended that you wait at least 24 hours before putting your vehicle through a high-pressure car wash. Many people worry that rain might damage the seal on their new windshield installation; however, it is not so much the moisture as it is the pressure caused by most car washes that you need to worry about.

When you need your windshield replaced, be sure to consider more than just the price you are quoted. Your auto glass is extremely important to the overall safety of you and your passengers. Choose a company with a strong reputation of providing quality glass and adhesives. This is certainly not an area where you want to cut costs.